The Company

Wabi Tech is the strategy and decision-making technology firm. We use advanced models and algorithms to help you fine tune your strategy and decision making. By using real life simulation models delivered via mobile devices you can predict and foresee the results of your decisions.

We are currently working on various products that will help you understand the impact of your decisions in large scale and micro operations. If you have specific needs that require intuitive simulation models get in touch with us.

The Vision

To keep progressing the use of technology in particular artificial intelligence and machine learning to make virtual simulation applications and games focussed on giving learning experiences to users. The games are designed using real life situations and use crowd sourced decision making to fine tune the results.

Wabi Tech plans to become an international leader in decision strategy simulation models with millions of daily users. Through the medium of smart devices Wabi Tech plans on giving users around the world methods to build, grow and learn via WT applications.

Work With Us

Success is driven by the people who work at the company. Bring a group of talented and motivated people together and give them the freedom and tools to reach their potential, one will always advance in ways beyond expectation.

At Wabi Tech you will be expected to push the limits of your own performance and will always be challenged to exceed what is already achieved. Honesty, hard work, teamwork, mental balance and harmony and directing passion towards fruitful endeavors are the traits that are encouraged at the company.

We are always looking to add the best people to our team. Currently we are hiring for technical positions. If concepts like machine learning, artificial intelligence, agile development, and cloud sourced data analysis excite you and if you know how to code (Java, Php, Python, AngularJS, Node JS, HTML5, CSS) get in touch with us immediately.

Our design philosophy is similar to Google material design. If you are one of the best in this field then send us an email now.

Contact Us


Wabi Tech Center
C-579 Defence Colony
New Delhi, India 110024